Labor + Birth / Comprehensive Care

Labor + Birth / Comprehensive Care


Our most complete support package provides a continuum of care throughout the duration of your pregnancy, birth, and into the first few weeks of life with a newborn.

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Care Includes

·       complimentary consultation

·       personalized education and resources

·       2 in-person prenatal visits (typically 2 hours each visit)

·       birth preferences framework

·       practice with positioning, breathing, and other comfort techniques

·       mother and newborn care plan

·       home and newborn space preparation

·       on-call period 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks following estimated due date

·       continuous labor and birth support, plus 2 hours following delivery

·       advocacy of options and desires

·       breastfeeding/feeding initiation and duration support

·       placenta print (if desired)

·       24/48 hour post birth check-in

·       2 postpartum visits (or up to 8 hours of care within the first 4 weeks following birth)

·       light housekeeping and completion of day-to-day tasks

·       healing care for mother

·       meal and snack preparation

·       competent postpartum assessment

·       unlimited phone, email, and message support