Sibling Support / New Family Care

Sibling Support / New Family Care


With this comprehensive package, we put it all together! Birth support for your child/ren and care afterward. This option allows your child to get to know their doula before birth, feel comfortable during the labor process, and have another element of consistency once baby has arrived.

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Care Includes

·       complimentary consultation

·       2 "get-to-know each other" visits (typically 1 hour each visit)

·       on-call period 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks following estimated due date

·       active labor/birth support

·       24/48 hour post birth check-in

·       2 visits weekly for six weeks (or up to 24 hours of care)

·       flexible hours post birth

·       in-home or close-to-home visit options

·       unlimited phone, email, and message support

Please note: Rates apply to one child. For each additional child, please add $2 per child per hour.